Memoriam Mortalis

The Monsters Within

20 Ollarune 994 YK

The broken interior of the tower was awash with eldritch light emanating from an enormous Dragonmark. Two men were manacled to the wall, one within the writhing tendrils of the Dragonmark’s arcane energies. Hideous multi-headed aberrations watched the prisoners with intense interest At the sound of footsteps, they turned both of their malformed goblinoid heads to stare at the intruders. The heroes were in for a fight.

Magic flashed as Remnant lashed out at the offending creatures, and they moved to engage. RSX moved to stop their advance, then the others joined in the fray. Sword clanged, claws scrabbled, and wands surged with power. It was a terrible melee. Remnant was pulled down by his foes implacable assault, but revived by the ministrations of RSX. Finally, Rasputin smote the last abomination with a devastating blow that spilled its steaming innards onto the cold stone floor. All was silent but for the groans of the wounded.

Adam Tensei moved into the center of the dragonmark to investigate its effects, and was greeted with a message:

“At the brink of desolation, they will stand as one against the tempest’s roar”



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